Lunch with Fritz (bad omen for Firkinteenth fun?).

Fritz Maytag is one of my heroes. I think the guy is amazing and even with all the accolades and recognition he’s received for aiding and abetting the emergence of a craft beer culture in this country, I still don’t think it’s enough.

So when Andy Musser, the local face of Anchor Brewing, called this afternoon with an invite to a small lunch with Fritz on the second Friday of Philly Beer Week, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. Only ten people will be there and I have to figure it will be a creme de la creme group since Andy is a classy guy and Fritz is pure class. Of course, there is always the possibility of someone loud and brassy and socially inept ruining the ambiance, but who among us fits that description.

I’ll wait while you figure it out.

Ah, but here’s the rub. The luncheon is downtown at noon and that conflicts with the early hours of Friday the Firkinteenth, do it not? That’s hardly a deal-breaker assuming I can get there afterward, but it does upset my orderly approach to that event (get there early, drink the beers I want out of the first group and those which go on as earlier ones kick, go the hell home). We will see what happens.

Oddly, this is the second invite in two days which has conflicted, in whole or in part, with PBW stuff. That probably doesn’t seem all that surprising to most of you, but I have a relative quiescent social life, I do. The other option was for Friday, March 6, a guys’ night of good, wine (I’d have added beer), cigars and catching up with some business and friend types I haven’t seen in a decade or more. But, Opening Night for PBW? Gotta be there, just gotta.

I think that dinner I mentioned a few posts back is about ready, The Incubus is gone, however, but then again, it wasn’t going to do the job with tortellini in oil and garlic either. That’s why god invented Pikeland Pils.

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