Keg Hammer of Glory?

The “other” Philly Beer Week opening night event I’ve been alluding to for the past few days is the topic of this mysterious sentence from the Opening Tap listing on the PBW website:

Be on hand for the formal delivery of the official Philly Beer Week Keg Hammer of Glory!

That Mr. Sixpack, he do have a way with words.

Okay, maybe not.

The idea began with two of the local craft community’s most fertile imaginations, those of Scoats and William Reed (Grey Lodge Pub and Standard Tap respectively, for those who came in late): Why not have the mallet with which the first keg is tapped as the official opening of PBW be delivered to the event on foot, carried across town by relay?

It would be like the running of the Olympic Torch, only with beer.

When William told me about the concept last week at Sly Fox Phoenixville, where he was brewing Standard Ale for his own PPB opening night, he said he’d mentioned it to someone involved with PBW planning, wasn’t sure who. Laid back is cool, as William often times exemplifies, but sometimes it can allow things to fall by the proverbial wayside. So I emailed him to discuss the idea a day or so later and copied Don Russell (the aforementioned “Mr. Sixpack,” again for you late arrivals). The latter responded with enthusiastic glee and semi-naughty language, copying some of his fellow movers ‘n’ shakers in turn.

Less than five days later, with an email exchange approaching 50 messages, things are taking shape as various ideas are combined into one workable, multi-day event building up to the Ultimate Moment. Of course, doing this will extend the opportunities to celebrate the regional beer scene at local bars and taverns and pubs and breweries by a few days—I’d guess that will not be an unbearable burden for you folks.

One last hurdle remains.

“Keg Hammer of Glory?”

Not on my watch.

I have no say-so, of course,  and merely play the role of  a bemused observer as the power brokers power break before my eyes, but I’m going pro-active and beginning an immediate campaign for…

Bung-Banger o’ Beautiful Beer.

No, not really.

Just…something else.

Please, in the name of mercy. Think of the children.

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