Philly Mag hearts the Craft Ale House.

From the issue hitting the stands next week:

LIMERICK / When you’re a beer bar or a gastropub in a region that’s already so full of both, the best thing be is surprising. The worst thing you can be? Hell-and-gone out in Limerick, I guess, which means that, if, like the Craft Ale House, you are located in the far-flung ‘burbs, you have to be that much much more surprising (and that much better than the competition) to even register on the radar. Fortunately, Craft Ale House is that good. Forget the killer fish and chips, the beer-inspired bowls of mussels or the duck rillette sale with IPA soaked cranberries and hot pepper jelly. This place does the hands-down best chicken fingers ever: buttermilk marinated chicken breast pieces, breaded and fried like great fried chicken, then served with harissa chile and honey-chipolte sauces. Oh, and the beer? Yeah, how ’bout 16 taps, 300 labels in stock, and a 20 percent discount for takeout sixpacks from the coolers?

Wow. I know a lot of people who will be nervous that  Gary and Melissa will decide  to toss out the riffraff of , say, a Thursday night, so as not to hurt their rep.

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