Conn-o-session: Kennett Square takes the lead in the Session Beer resurgence.

It’s brilliant, it’s risky (will the beer geeks buy in?) and it’s probably ahead of the curve….and who doesn’t want to be ahead of the curve?

This just in from Jeff Norman, head honcho for the Kennett Square Brewfest, in an email to me and America’s Most Beloved Session Beer Proponent (© Jack Curtin’s Liquid Diet – the Blog, 2009 ):

The board of Historic Kennett Square, along with the Kennett Brewfest committee enthusiastically approved the concept of the Kennett Conn-o-session serving all 4.5% (or close) or less session beers during this years Connoisseur tasting.

We are thrilled to follow the lead of “the year of session beer” and look forward to unique offerings from local, regional, national, and international brewers.

This is a 180 degree departure from previous Connoisseur tastings at Kennett but no less exciting. We constantly strive to make this event unique with respect to brewfests. I already have commitments from 8 breweries and all have been very enthusiastic.

Feel free to use this info and edit anyway you see fit…

Jeff sent an announcement about this out to local brewers a week or so back and copied Lew and me. I assume the Big Guy is all choked up at present as he contemplates the wisdom he learned at his Mama’s knee all those years ago in Lancaster county:

You raise ’em up, you send ’em out in the world and,
unless they become librarians, you get to be proud

As I noted above, there’s a bit of a risk involved here. And there will be screams of anguish from the sandbox and other venues.

Let us see if those who talk the talk and then spend their money and their time on the Next Big Beer to show up are willing to walk the walk.

My pal Lew. My old hometown. Out to change the course of history.

I swear, I’m getting verklempt.

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