Recalcitrant dogs, revealing statistics, dastardly rumors and dreams of grandeur.

This new dog thing is consuming my hours and complicated my life as I have to find some way to deal with his incessant barking whenever I try to leave him alone or resign myself to the life of a hermit, which accounts for the relative silence here the past 72 hours or so.

You deserve better than that (at least, your emails insist that such is the case), so allow me to at least toss out a few nuggets here (non-nectar, sadly, although I did have my first bottles of this year’s release from Troegs over the weekend and was struck, as always, by how fine a brew it is) which may help fill the gap. Or at least clean off my desk.

To wit, some food for thought:

Just how mainstream is craft beer? A source of mine with connections passed on some date recently which was compiled by one of those companies that compiles industry data and charges big bucks for it. It indicates that 80% of all craft beer consumed in the U.S. is imbibed by just shy of 6 million fans, which is less than 4% of American beer consumers (15.5 million overall). You always knew you were part of an elite few, now you gots the stats to back you up. Whether that’s entirely a good thing…? Let’s discuss.

That strange rumor I mentioned the other day. Can it be possible that a Belgian Beer Dinner featuring a prominent local beer personality as guest speaker is scheduled soon for this very neighborhood and that said speaker is trying to keep me unaware that it’s going to happen? Seriously, who could believe that? Yet it appears to be the case.

THE American craft beer event? Someone who chooses to remain nameless suggested to me a while back that Philly Beer Week will become the face of American brewing within the next decade or so, bigger more famous that even the Great American Beer Festival.  I find that hard to agree with and figure that the GABF juding and medals alone will always keep it in the forefront, but there is a an argument to be made. With 500 official events scheduled for 2009 and that total climbing (the inimitable Mr. Sixpack says on his website that the total is already over 700 if you count all the daily specials being done at a lot of venues as individual events), it is easy to see a visit to Philadelphia every March being the must-do on a lot of beer lovers’ calendars.

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