Ol’ Miss, the session beer state. And I don’t mean that in a good way.

We bitch and moan about Pennsylvania beer laws and all that, but how’d you like to live under the laws of the great state of our most backwoods state?

MISSISSIPPI – The Mississippi Senate finance committee killed the gourmet beer bill this month effectively denying Mississippi residents access to beer with a greater than 5% abv (alcohol by volume). The effort to raise the legal limit from 5% to 17% began in the spring of 2007 by the group Mississippians for Economic and Beverage Advancement (MEBA). The group believed a compromise would happen and the legal limit would be raised to 8%, which would still be less than the 10% abv of wine. Mississippi is one of three states, the other two being Alabama and West Virginia, that by law keep the alcoholic content of beer this low. It is felt that the law is stifling local businesses, like Lazy Magnolia. They can’t produce enough and they do so much more if they were allowed to produce a larger variety of gourmet beers. It is illegal in Mississippi to possess any alcohol purchased in another state, so it even prevents consumers from purchasing some of their favorite gourmet beers across state lines.

That’s right, you can’t even bring a good beer across state lines. Man, that tops “case law” annoyance by one helluva lot in my book.

The people at Lazy Magnolia seem like good folks in my few brief exchanges with them on the phone and via email. Good folks in a bad situation for sure.

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