Did Philly blow off New Belgium?

I received this text overnight from an anonymous source* who has not responded to my request for identification:

Heard Philly city government passed on New Belgium.  DUMPED IT to PiDc.  Do your investigative stuff.

“PiDc” is the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation. I’m not quite clear on the context of “dumped it;” isn’t an industrial development group a logical place to consider a major new project?  And if it was “dumped,” why send it there?

Actually, I’m completely in the dark on the whole thing and have no contacts with whom to ply  my “investigative stuff” wiles, so I thought I’d throw it out there and see what happens.

If anything does, remember you read it here first (even if it wasn’t explained or detailed even a little bit). For now, it’s a totally unsourced rumor and should be understood as such.

*The anonymous source identified himself right after this posted but asked not to be identified. He says he got the info “from a friend,” which leaves it shakier than ever.

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