Here’s what I know about Suburban Beer Week.

Not a whole helluva lot.

And, yeah, I said I’d post this yesterday but, once again, I have taken the weekend as a, as the rest of you call it, weekend, and found the concept quite enjoyable. This could become a habit.

Anyway, I sat down with Gary Fry of Craft Ale House on Friday to get what I could. He told me that “I always wanted to do something like this and now that there are  with other good beer bars in the area, it works. We’re all in the in the same zip code., which is also a nice touch.”

Suburban Beer Week will run from Monday, April 23 through Sunday, April 29 and will included events at Craft Ale House, Lucky Lab Tavern, French Quarter Bistro and Railroad Street Bar & Grill, a nice little loop of under 20 miles if you start at one end or the other, turn around at the last stop and go back to the first.

The schedule, Monday through Sunday, will include a Dogfish Head event at CAH, Clown Shoes event at the Bistro, group event (all four doing the same thing) of a small, Cajun influenced tapas plate paired with a five-ounce IPA (portions and beer kept small so customers can visit all four), a fruit beer-food pairing at the Bistro, a Troegs event at Lucky Lab, beers from Colorado breweries featured at Railroad and, on Sunday, when CAH is usually closed a reservation-only dinner similar to the one they do on New Year’s Eve.

There certainly seems to be enough there to satisfy even the notorious Thursday Night Social Club (members of which, one presumes, will attend every event to show their solidarity with local publicans).

The one event that could be problematic is the Wednesday night tapas/IPA joint effort, which requires going to four different locations. “It could be great or it could an epic failure,” laughed Gary, “but you have to try things and that was the best idea we came up with.” To make it easier for those who want to play, the special menu will be on starting at 5pm at all locations.

More, if there is more, to come.

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