Phoenixville Pub Crawl update #2: Sly Fox gets pumped.

My goodness, but Phoenixville is really looking like the place to be on the afternoon of March 14.

I told you about entire Pub Crawl here, and then about the Iron Hill GABF Winner Extravaganza here.

Now I’m back to tell you about how that day will mark the first time ever that all three handpumps at Sly Fox Phoenixville will all be pouring.

In addition to the featured Standard Ale, both British Pale Ale (TJ’s Fifth Anniversary) and Placebo, the new “small beer made from the second runnings of the Panacea Barleywine brew, will be on the pumps that day.

And that nice li’l Timmy Ohst says there may be another goodie or two as well.

America’s Best Beer-Drinking Town?

You know you wanna be there. And to carry you hither and yon through the day, I recommend no better support system than that Dan Bengel Shuttle Services which is so crassly promoted by one of its major investor in recent Comments here.

As noted, they are non-profit…indeed, from all indications, they invented the term.

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