Macht Schnell. Also, Alpha, not to mention Omega. A post in three languages.

Macht Schnell Kolsch, the first beer brewed at the new Sly Fox Pottstown brewery, went on tap at the Phoenixville pub yesterday afternoon. I was then while it was happening, had to sit and have a Saison Brune and Chester County Bitter while the drive unloaded the truck and got it tapped (not the worst thing to have to endure). What makes it kinda fun is that Fox Trail Ale, the last beer brewed at the former Royersford location, is already on at the pub, so there is something of an Alpha and Omega thing going on.

I brought home growlers of each (my second such of Fox Trail)  and, while neither blew my socks off, they are both tasty brews, 4.6% and 4.8% respectively, a tad too alcoholic to be called “session beers” by He Who Must Be Obeyed. This creates a bit of a problem, because, as you’ll see if you click that link, he has also banned the perfectly reasonable and logical (once you accept the concept that strict abv level is part of a style designation) “sessionable” as a descriptive, leaving us no option but to see them as at the lower limits of that great stretch between session and extreme which nobody, so far, has sought to brand for promotional purposes. Surely, some inventive soul will recognize the opportunity sooner or later and come up with a terminology for the vast middle or, at the very least, find another dividing line to create.

Macht Schnell  translates as “make it quick” or something similar, a name which apparently expresses the brewing staff’s deep felt need to start making beer again. I was at the brewery before going to the pub and can tell you that all is well, the brewhouse is humming and the new canning line is up and running better and faster than it ever managed in Royersford. Plus also, as they say around the internets, the photo below of brewer Max Pfeffer in the computer room managing a brew should be ample evidence that I do not lie. His expression of absolute disdain for the photographer (that would be me) is just, I hope, an unfortunate matter of when the shutter caught the image.

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