Cask-only bar.

My colleague Greg Wiggins posted this on the Cask-USA Yahoo group this morning:

I attended a beer tasting last night at the Brickskeller in Washington, DC. One of the beers was from Oliver’s Brewing at the soon to reopen following “major refurbishments” Pratt Street Ale House (formerly one of two Baltimore Wharf Rats). The target date for the reopening under the new name is March 10,

Oliver’s brewer Steve Jones, a Brit who is not shy about his love of cask ales, announced this week’s arrival from the UK of three new beer engines and a lot of cooperage as part of the renovations. Jones said the number of beer engines will eventually increase to five, which will be installed behind the bar of a room dedicated to cask ale.

You know, there’s a hot young publican in Philadelphia who’s exploring the same concept, only more so—all cask, all the time.

He’s being uncharacteristically discreet for now, but he did blurt out the news a while back under the spell of a silver-tongued rogue with whom many of you are all too familiar.  I’m not going to blow his cover ’cause I’m not that kinda guy, but anybody who saw that original story is free to do so in the Comments.

As they said on the old X-Files TV show: the truth is out there.

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