Perhaps not exactly what Richard was expecting.

From Crossing Broad yesterday:

When I walked into the complex for the first time (the first time since it’s been completed, at least) on Saturday between Flyers and Sixers games, the entire building felt like one big frat party— and I don’t mean that as a bad thing. Ms. CB and I immediately strolled into the Victory Beer Hall, at 6 p.m., expecting to find crowded, yet relatively tame atmosphere. Instead, a house band was playing Pitbull’s Give Me Everything as about three dozen people danced on tabletops. Hardly a German-style beer hall. But again– no one was complaining.

“Richard,” of course, being Richard Ruch, the man who loves Victory Brewing Co. more than does any other living creature and lives to gather up a cadre of pals to visit venues hither and yon where Victory beers are a-pouring.  Still, I suspect he is not going to lay claim to a permanent bar stool at this particular location with all its noise and brazen hussies dancing on tables.

Ah well, he’ll always have Parkesburg.

The bold-face text is my work, if you hadn’t guessed.

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