In Which We Learn What I’m Doing at the Beer Yard Site These Days.

I’ve been doing a series of stories about beers which will be debuting during Philly Beer Week over at the Beer Yard site. Yuengling Bock is featured in the story just posted, earlier ones were about Weyerbacher Echo and Troeg’s The Flying Mouflan (this latter has moved into the archives at this point, reachable by clicking on “News” at the top of news section).

Coming up later today is one about the new Imperial Stout from Philadelphia Brewing Company, including the first public revelation of its official name, which was decided only this morning. Over the weekend, I’lll have a look at the collaborative brew between Yards and Iron Hill, marking the first time an historic old style was brewed in this country.

For those who find all this too much trouble or who are not into waiting, Mr. Sixpack lists and briefly describes  all the new PBW brews in today’s column, although he is in error in calling the Bock Yuengling’s first seasonal. This was regular release during Lent for a lot of years back in the day.

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