Goat Race notes (the fun stuff).

This had to have been the largest crowd ever at the Sly Fox Bock Fest. If the generally accepted estimate (ain’t nobody knows for sure) in 2011 was 3,000 attendees, then 2012 may have approached 4,000. Or not (see previous parenthesis). There is no doubt it was humungous. Sly Fox went through 56.5 barrels of beer, the largest volume to date.

Drake, the pygmy goat who came thisclose to ruining the Peggy Saga ran against her in 2011 and finished second in the first heat either had ever run. Maybe this is the start of a new rivalry.

Comet, who cam in third, is a real Goat Race veteran, having raced every year except when she was pregnant. Her daughter, Sundae, was a winner at eight weeks old in 2007.

I never even got to the Maibock on Sunday but stopped by today to have one. Wow. Maybe the best ever.

And now we turn our focus to Philly Beer Week.

It’s the party that never ends, that’s what the beer scene is like around here.

Also too, because I have peeps everywhere keeping track of everything, I could tell you what Lew Bryson is doing in Iceland at this very moment. But, trust me. You. Do. Not. Want. To. Know.

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