Snowpocalypse now.

Snow is falling like an old man’s dandruff as I write this. The great Nor’easter of 2009 is upon us and, let’s face it, we don’t handle this sort of thing very well at all around here.

Somewhere between eight and 12 inches of snow before day is done? Damn.That’s cold.


Worse yet, I wasn’t smart enough to stock up on eggs, milk and bread at the supermarket yesterday (this is commonplace when big storms are forecast, the entire Delaware Valley apparently planning to subsist on French Toast as the world ends).

Whatever will I do?

Is there enough toilet paper?


There’s a chance that these will be my final words, a final gasp of common sense and then…nothing, until they discover my cold dead body come spring, splayed amidst a passel of empty 750s, the last refuge of this particular scoundrel.

Kiss the horses goodbye and give my love to Rose…

Ah, just funnin’ ya, folks.

It’s a lovely day. I even got to cancel a dental appointment.

The photo above was taken from my front door. The one below is from the back door.

I think Buddy the Wonder Dog is under there somewhere.

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