Who exactly is this fellow and why is he leaving town?

Fava, Mike Fava. Just like that James Bond guy, although he’s more an ale guy than a martini guy. You know him best as the assistant brewer at Nodding Head and, before that, at the helm at Dock Street. Why he is dressed up as the classic Nodded Head bobble-head guy is unclear, although it might have had something to do with Philly Beer Week. Or not. All I know is I stopped by Nodding Head during PBW and head brewer Gordon Grubb ran up, pressed a USB card holding this and an even more embarrassing image into my hand and whispered “don’t tell anybody where you got this,” so I won’t.

Anyway, I forgot to mention until I received a news release today that Mike is heading north to bucolic Maine, where he will be working at Oxbow Brewing in Newcastle. Oxbow is “an American farmhouse brewery” (aren’t they all these days?) which makes some fine brews and and he will be working with head guy Tim Adams.

Also on the move (another note I should have put up last week) is Jon Defibaugh, who’s gone from Earth Bread + Brewery to Tired Hands as of this week. This means that Tom Baker will have to forego his genteel semi-retirement at EB+B and return to the kettle. We should all be looking forward to that. Did I ever mention during all the “Scratch Beer Wars” thing that I was inspired to chose a Biere de Garde as the style for my beer because, back in the day, and oh what days they were, Tom’s Biere d’Arte from Heavyweight Brewing was my favorite local brew? Probably not.

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