Guess where?

Part of the description of a job opening listed at on Monday:

Our former head brewer recently decided to move on to a brewpub, and we wish him the best of luck. We are therefore on the hunt for an exceptionally talented and specialized professional brewer to join our team. You must be a highly-experienced and creative brewer. This opportunity is truly one-of-a-kind, as the brewery is on the verge of national and international distribution. We have currently showcased some of our products at prestigious festivals in both Europe and the United States. We are looking for a hard-working, passionate and INTENSELY CREATIVE team-player to be the brewmaster of our operation and continue what we have begun.

NOW IS THE TIME … this will be a life changing position! We are willing to offer close to a 6-figure salary, housing and paid vacation as needed for the perfect world-class brewer. Our brewery is currently an artisanal 5bbls system and constantly growing to meet expected demand. We are also building a tasting room and arranging a bottling line as we speak!

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