Rehm to Two Roads. [Updated]

Dunno if this has been reported previously, but I haven’t seen it (then again, I haven’t been paying much attention of late): John Rehm, who got his start at the long-gone John Harvard’s Brew House on the Main Line and has been at Yards Brewing for several years since, is now at Two Roads Brewing in Connecticut where he will work with the legendary Phil Markowski. Kudos to the always-informed Matt Guyer for bring this to my attention yesterday when we had one of those historic moments where both he and I were at the Beer Yard at the same time. Coincidentally enough, a press release arrived this morning from Brad Hittle, the managing partner of the team behind Two Roads, which should be making beer this Fall if things go as planned.

[Updated] Thanks to Steve Mashington, Philly Beer Geek (officially), for reminding me that John Rehm stayed with the original brewery (which became Philadelphia Brewing Co.) when the Yards partners split up in 2007 and remained there until taking this new position. My bad for just reading the press release and not thinking and remembering. Told ya I wasn’t paying much attention lately.

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