Can a brewery have a flagship beer in an era of Gotta-Have-It limited releases, seasonal madness and over-hopped monstrosities?

The always reliable, thought-provoking Andy Crouch argues that we are at the end of an era. It’s very good. Read it and see what you think. Personally, I think he’s merely opened a door to questioning where the hell this industry is going.

“Drink Local,” in many ways the primal argument for small craft breweries over the last two decades, is already fading as a craft drinker’s creed, obscured by a changing landscape (five years from now will Sierra Nevada still be a “California” brewery?) and a generational devotion to the Next Big Thing.

There is a developing theory about the folks born after 2000 that they all have ADD, which used to be thought a disorder but now is seen as a natural reaction to a world in which that which does not do something drastic to hold attention is eminently transitory.

Your humble host here has been known to rail against the sort of mindset reflected in the cartoon at right which exemplifies the increasing need to capture the moment in a process which essentially removes us from the moment. The Next. Big. Thing. is the new Holy Grail, especially if you can tell thousands of people who are your “friends” about it as it happens. Score!

Perhaps I am overreaching here, but I wonder if the developing 21st century milieu essentially undermines the very ethos of craft.

Discuss. Be prepared to show your work.

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