This is not going to go well at all.

I can only hope the Grand Poobah of All Things Sessionable has had a fine vacation this week ’cause he’s likely to have hisself a fit of apoplexy when he sees this (I have added the boldface, giggling all the while)

A new Chicago-based beer company claims to have created a “different style of IPA.”

Hopthesis Beer Company launched its first beer – India Pale Ale – yesterday, joining a laundry list of craft brewers looking for an attention grab on the so-called “IPA Day.”

The beer checks in at 7.1 percent ABV, but head brewer Ike Orcutt said in press materials that the IPA is “more of a session beer.

Historically, session beer (at least in Britain, where lower-alcohol beers are popular) clock in at 4 percent and lower. The Brewers Association puts the number in a range between 4 and 5.1 percent while the U.S. Center for Disease Control defines a standard drink as 5 percent.

7.1% ABV is surely to send him to bed with a bad case of the vapors, not to mention that they don’t even bother to mention the official Poobah 4.5% or less standard, instead dredging up  all those other non-authoritative sources. That’s damned near criminal is what it is.

Here’s the money segment from the official brewery news release:

Hopothesis IPA is crafted using Vienna and caramel malted barley combined with Cascade and Centennial hops. The dark golden beer is 7.1 alcohol by volume (ABV) and measures in the mid-range at 55 on the International Bitterness Units scale (IBU). The recipe has been fine-tuned over the years to create a unique balance of malts and hops. The result is a crisp taste with strong malty notes within the limits of respectable ABV and IBU measurements.

“We wanted to create a different style of IPA. One that’s more of a session beer,” said Ike Orcutt, head brewer. “You’ll find that Hopothesis IPA will not assault the palate with hops. Instead, the hops spike early, then plateau. You can definitely have more than one.


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