Vinnie’s revenge (with a little help from his friends).

Russian River’s Vinnie Cilurzo might not have been able to make it East for Philly Beer Week (except photographically) but now he’s showing his fellow Brett Packers and everybody else how he can get his props on the local beer scene even when there’s no big party to back up his play.

Okay, maybe it’s not Vinnie doing the thing exactly.

It’s that crazy Tom Peters at Monk’s Cafe tomorrow at 11:30.,,

and the perhaps equally crazy Andy Dickerson at Teresa’s Next Door even earlier in the morning come this Sunday (since Sunday brunches are, you know, normal, I think we’ll have to allow Tom to keep the title)…

What we got is six Russian River beers pouring.  Twice.

It’s like a BeerAdvocate wet dream.

Other than that, it’s kinda nice.

Don’t say I never tell you about the good stuff.

And thanks to Tom Foley (still alive), and Matt Guyer, (still Matt), for the email exchange which brought all this to my attention so I could bring it to yours.

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