If the shoe isn’t dropping, it’s sure as hell teetering on the shelf. [UPDATED]

UPDATE 22 SEPT 12: I awakened in  not-so-bucolic* McCall, Idaho to a text containing this news from philly.eater.com:

As if the drama taking place at The Farmer’s Cabinet couldn’t get any more intense, Eater received an email today that throws a gallon of gasoline on the fire. Apparently, F-Cab owner Matt Swartz physically threatened Jordan Fetfatzes of Bella Vista Beer after the distributor had taken back kegs that were unpaid for from the restaurant.

Read it all, especially the third comment which provides many details. Art Etchells of Foobooz forwarded it to me yesterday.

*a series of forest fires have the area shrouded in smoke.


Mike Hiller, founder of the now-closed Bavarian Barbarian Brewing Co. in Williamsport, apparently was brewing with, and maybe after, Terry Hawbaker at Cabinet Artisanal Brewhouse in Virginia, an offshoot of Philly’s greatest soap opera act, The Farmers Cabinet. He’s escaped (as did Terry, who’s now at Al’s of Hampden) and landed at Strangeways Brewing, a Virginia start-up which is scheduled to start making beer early next year.

This is from Mike’s Facebook page yesterday…

Just heard that more than a dozen beers (about half dozen unfinished) were dumped today at Cabinet Artisanal Brewhouse where I used to brew. A moment of silence for the wasted time, effort and talent of three terrific brewers and some amazing beers that will never grace human taste buds.

A bit more detail from a post at RateBeer.com:

The Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control and the TTB have paid visits to the Shenandoah-based Cabinet Artisanal Brewhouse. Word is a dozen or so batches were ordered dumped. No word on why just yet.

Thanks to the folks who put me onto this. I suppose I should also thank the Farmers Cabinet team for being the gift that keeps on giving for local beer scribes, but I think I’ll pass.

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