There is an absolutely marvelous profile of Fergus Carey, “Fergie” to one and all, in the new issue of Philly Beer Scene (which itself has grown into a truly fine brewspaper on fancier stock and with better graphics than all the rest). Written by Drew Lazor of City Paper, it is the best piece on a local beer personality I’ve ever read. Didn’t hurt, admittedly, that the personality being profiled may be unique among local beer folks.

I am gritting my teeth as I write this because I have wanted to do a Fergie profile for a couple of years now but the time, opportunity and proper market never presented itself. The closest I came was for one of my Celebrator Beer News columns but that was sidetracked by something the editors wanted for that issue. So that ship sailed without me, which is probably all for the good. I doubt I could have done the job as well as Lazor has.

In other words, go read.

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