This one is for Brian O’Reilly. Whatever became of that guy?

Well, that little contest didn’t go so well. There were responses from two guys who should have, and did, know, but otherwise, silence. Yet another smack upside the head to remind me that blogs are really yesterday’s news and everybody is all Facebook-y and Twittery now and perhaps I should find something better to do with my time.

In any case, yes, that is a list of beers created by Brian O’Reilly during his brief, doomed stint at the New Road Brew House which was, as BobR suggested in his response, destined to fail. I figured some folks (more than some, actually, but as I said, blogs is dead) would get that part, so the real question was the “where did it appear?” part.

The answer to that is on the back of the shirt worn by my son in the photo above. He wore that shirt I’d sent him way back when the day we went to stay at his brother-in-law’s house across the lake and since I’d brought along my somewhat later released version for sleeping in, it seemed like a cool idea to get a photograph. Hey, we were drinking.

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