Stephen Beaumont on “Beer Style Creep.”

Stephen Beaumont put up a great post yesterday on his new blog. The blog is theoretically only temporary but I’ll bet, like most of us, he’ll find blogging too convenient and easy and fast to turn back.

Or maybe not. Who can fathom the inclinations of Canadians?

I mention this not just to make you aware of the new blog, but because Stephen touches on matters in that post which I wrote about  here (the real meat of the topic is actually over here) and here.

And also because I received my advance writer’s copy of the April/May 2009 Celebrator Beer News this afternoon and Stephen’s “Beaumont’s Journal” in those pages has more to say about Beer Style Creep, the more significant of the two topics.

Here’s just a sample:

…let’s turn to the other new style, session beer. Here we find that “any style of beer” can apply for membership, providing that it is below 5.1% alcohol by volume and—here’s my favourite bit—above 4%! So the very beers that gave rise to the oh-so-wonderful British expression that defines this “style”—bitters and milds of roughly 3.5% alcohol—aren’t invited to this party, presumably because they have their own [GABF] classifications.

There’s lots more and it’s definitely worth your time.

Find the issue if you can; I’d guess it will arrive in these parts next week.

Finding it won’t be easy, sadly. The few places that are willing to pay the minimal shipping charges to make CBN available to you in these parts that I know of are The Beer Yard, Monk’s Cafe, Nodding Head, Standard Tap, South Philly Tap Room, Drafting Room (both locations) and Sly Fox Phoenixville.

NOTE: I will profusely apologize to anyone I missed on that list, so be sure to let me, and the readers here, know if you get the magazine.

Because I think questions about the proliferation of styles is both interesting and important, I am delighted to see the issue being brought out of the shadows at last. For the same reasons,  I’m also hoping that wonderful and glamorous publisher/editor  Tom Dalldorf will make the new “Beaumont’s Journal” available at the CBN website sooner rather than later.

In fact, let’s ask him to do that right now.


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