Drinking around…except not today, dammit.

I did something weird to my lower back and/or hip yesterday and am spending most of the day on my back to give it a rest. Too bad, because I was originally planning a full day of good beer and food, traveling with the core members of the Usual Gang of Reprobates to Earth Bread + Brewery, General Lafayette Inn and then ending the day at the Craft Ale House.

I did get to the latter yesterday and Buddy the Beer Dog and I enjoyed a Lancaster Milk Stout out on the newly-opened terrace. It still need some fixing up and work to shut out the passing traffic view, if not noise, and I suspect sitting out under the tree and enjoying good beer will be a real attraction as the weather gets warmer. There were already four or five folks out there with me.

Buddy, by the by, seems to have a real affection for pubs. I’d originally left him in the car until I saw that the terrace was open. When I went to bring him over he came eagerly, a most uncommon approach for him, since he is cautious to a fault in any new space. He even tried to lead me to the door and inside. I’d seen this manifested before, during the Phoenixville Pub Crawl, when I brought over to the still-closed [patio at Sly Fox Phoenixville to give him a bowl of water and he kept staring at the door and doing his soft grunts and groans meaning he wanted to go inside.

This probably bodes well for our relationship, except for the not being allowed inside thing. I assume he will be happy just being close to the action.

Thursday I stopped out at Victory to grab a growler for that night’s Villanova-Duke game (a total destruction of the latter was how it went) and a bite for lunch. While there, I had the Uncle Teddy’s Bitter on cask (a staple for me whenever it’s on), the WildDevil Ale (my first taste of this new batch and i agree with those who say it’s somewhat different that the initial one, but not with their whining that it is somehow “not good” as a result) and the Three Ring Ale, a Ballantine clone of sorts, which I liked a lot.

I had the latter with my jerk chicken sandwich which was highlighted by a superb chipotle mayonnaise. I love chipotle mayonnaise. Back in the day, around 1998 or so, I used to go to Drafting Room Exton, when it was the only Drafting Room, for lunch quite a lot just to enjoy a turkey wrap they did which included a slight milder version that Victory’s of that great condiment.

In my ideal world, once a week I would sit down to a plate of Monk’s Cafe frites with its wonderful bourbon mayo and have a container of chipotle mayo in my pocket to sneak onto the table. Oh, my goodness…

Ruch was there, of course, or more specifically, arrived shortly after I sat down. So I whiled away the rest of my lunch varying between talking with him or joining the bar staff in making fun of him. It’s something of a Victory tradition.

I brought a growler of Idyll Ale home as I had planned, but I was torn for a minute there between it and WildDevil. The choice was made on the grounds of a lower ABV (the game wasn’t on until after 10pm and I wanted to be awake) and superstition—I’d brought home and downed a growler of Idyll earlier in the year during a game and didn’t want to tempt the gods by changing up.

On the way home, I decided to test out my new GPS system, a Tom Tom which I got at a bargain price (under $60) and was pleasantly surprised when it found me a shortcut from Rt. 100 onto Rt. 113 which knocks about five minutes and a big traffic light/intersection off the trip. Of course, it can’t find my actual residence yet, but I know how to get there. Most times.

S’all I got, except this bit of fun, a meal for all my pals out in Pennsyltucky.

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