The good guys.

Some restaurants care a lot more than others do about the people who work for them. Restaurant Opportunities Center’s  2012 National Diner’s Guide to Ethical Eating, which bases its ratings on factors such as  “paid sick leave, allowing room for advancement, paying at least $9 an hour to non-tipped employees and at least $5 an hour to tipped workers,” cites ten Philadelphia dining and drinking spots as among the best in this regard:

London Grill
Lil’ Pop Shop
Fare Restaurant
Fergies Pub
Grace Tavern
Monks Cafe
Nodding Head Brewery
The Belgian Cafe
Tequilas Restaurant

Kudos to London Grill and Lil’ Pop Shop for meeting all the standards and a hearty shout-out to the Fergus Carey/Tom Peters enterprises as all five of their good beer destinations comprise half the local selections, lacking only the paid sick leave criterion .

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