Some folks are less than happy with the new campaign by the Brewers Association:

“The question we have for the Brewers Association is ‘why are we being punished for brewing with a locally grown ingredient, which started out of necessity, and has continued out of tradition?,’” asked Jace Marti, the Brewmaster at Schell Brewing, in a statement he released yesterday. “And why is it only bad to use adjuncts if you are brewing an American Lager, yet perfectly acceptable to use them in basically any Belgian style of beer, IPA’s or double IPA’s?”

There’s a video at that first link which reportedly has comments by  New Belgium CEO Kim Jordan, Dale Katechis of Oskar Blues Brewery and Tony Magee of Lagunitas on the “faux craft” controversy but it won’t open and play on my computer.

[Update] Beer Pulse has the complete statement from Schell Brewing.

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