Who will be…the Tenth Goat?

A new Sly Fox Newsletter went out early tonight. It’s all about the May 3 Bock Festival & Goat Race which is the eighth one to be held at Sly Fox but the tenth overall.

The first two fests/races were held at the doomed New Road Brew House but are considered part of Bock Fest history because the whole concept was developed by The O’Reilly, no matter who was paying him. It’s like he used New Road to perfect the idea, then burned it to the ground, metaphorically speaking,  and moved on. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

To get it on the record once and for all, since we have confusion about this now and again, here–as a result of my meticulous search of the intertubes and my own hard drive— are the nine goats which have so far earned the honor of having the annual Maibock bear their names since the  first race was run in a light drizzle with maybe four or five animals overall. Last year’s event drew 42 competing ruminants:

2000 – George

2001 – Clover

2002 – Ernie

2003 – Nelly

2004 – Weird Beard (Best. Name. Ever.)

2005 – Savannah

2006 – Han

2007 – Sundae

2008 – Jasper

2009 –   ?

By the way, a really cool thing about the Bock Fest which, despite my continuing to it point out, seems to go unnoticed,  is that this is annually the largest one-day availability of bock beers from a single brewery in the country.

At least it is until somebody proves me wrong.

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