Smoked porter today, but I’ll be bock tomorrow.

Needing me a sack of Basamati Rice, one of the four major food groups around here (rice, beer, chocolate, chicken, pasta, cheese…hey, I didn’t say I could count), and knowing that the only place local to get what i wanted was a Genuardi’s Market, I loaded up Buddy Dogg in the car earlier today and hied my ass down to Phoenixville to make the purchase.

As it turns out, and I was shocked, I say shocked, to learn this, Sly Fox Brewhouse & Eatery is right across the street from Genuardi’s.

Buy that and I got an economy I’d like to sell you.

A Fox visit was also part of the plan, so I could try this month’s Hop Project beer, Liberty Pale Ale, on the handpump and sample the just released Abbey Dubbel and Prometheus Imperial Smoked Porter to determine which one needed to come home with me for the weekend. The Liberty was, I’d say, the best of the four [corrected] single hop pale ales released so far, absolutely delicious on cask, and Prometheus was the take-home beer of choice, big, rich and subtly smoky.

It will be interesting to see how this matches up with the spicy stir fry I have planned for dinner. Not the usual choice, I know, but I have good vibes. For tomorrow’s slow cooked roast chicken with all the fixin’s, though, I’ll fall back on my current house beer, Stegmaier Brewhouse Bock, one of the great bargains on the shelves right now. I do love me some bock…

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