You really should visit the Beer Yard website every day.

If you’re looking for more posts from me, that is. Not that it’s the only reason to stop by, but it might be for some folks who show up here and find the cupboard bare.

For a variety of reasons, posting here has been and will be less frequent that usual for at least the immediate future. Meanwhile, though, I am maintaining a promise I made to myself as the year began to pick things up at the Beer Yard site.

I am now posting news items there with more regularity than ever, in a new format which consists of the headline, sub-head and few select sentences from stories which catch my attention, including links to where you can read the whole. In some instances, edited news releases with information I think will be of interest are posted in a somewhat similar format and, of course, original news or opinion pieces are part of the mix.

Check it out. The latest entry is all about Coors’ just announced “Craft Collection” project in the UK.

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