Sometimes I despair. Then beer saves me.

This, from the usually reliable, truly astonishes me…

Most of the flagship brews (Pikeland Pils, Phoenix Pale Ale, 113 IPA, Royal Weisse) are available in the new wide-mouth can form, as well as a few of the seasonals (Odyssey Imperial IPA, Oktoberfest).

Newspaper and online stories from across the country, Europe and India (yes, India) have stumbled on a point or two, generally their assumption that this is a Sly Fox proprietary package when in fact it is available from Crown Holdings to any brewer who might wish to try it, but there is no source on God’s green earth which has suggested that any beers other than Helles Golden Lager and, at Citizens Bank Park only, Pikeland Pils, are being released in the 360 can.

If the beer press is going to become as inept as the political press, we are truly lost.

On a more positive note, also Sly Fox-ian, I stopped by the Pottstown Tastin’ Room earlier this afternoon to find…well, let them tell you themselves, in this Facebook posting:

Wow! New Beer Weekend @ Both Pubs!

Three, count ’em three, Pale Ale/IPA hybrids brewed with new experimental hops…

Valor, anew dry-hopped Trappist Pale Ale…

All four on tap for the first time ever.

Plus cans of the special limited release 360 IPA brewed for the Craft Brewers Festival.

Run, do not walk…

The relatively new Hefeweizen Doppelbock is also pouring, so that adds up to (essentially) four new beers on tap and the opportunity to take home a one-off in cans that will not be seen again, all happening on the monthly Incubus Friday, which also has its fans, I am told. Impressive.

I did tasters of the three hybrids and will return, as early as tomorrow afternoon and by Sunday for sure (whether in Pottstown or Phoenixville is still to be decided), to take advantage of the 10oz-glasses-of-all-three sampler for $10 deal. I brought the Valor home in a growler, which I am now enjoying immensely.

If you decide to embrace this opportunity, the three hybrids are worth the effort, especially at the price. Sunday would be a particularly interesting day to go and enjoy these 6.1% beers. Not sayin’ why, just sayin’.

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