Well, obviously not. Who could ever imagine such a thing?

From a Brewbound story about craft beer in baseball parks (bold emphasis is mine. all mine, mine, I say) …

Comerica Park in Detroit has fully embraced it. A story by ESPN’s Darren Rovell notes that in right field, the craft beer stand features 26 local brews, 10 on draft and 16 in bottles.

Craft beer is more than a trend,” Bob Thormeier, general manager of Delaware North Companies Sportservice at Comerica Park, said in the article. “It has become a mainstay. Certainly it will never replace traditional beer, and nor should it. But it gives the consumer variety, and as such, it appeals to a broader demographic.”

I will sleep better tonight knowing this, unless I lie awake tossing and turning and considering the meaning of “traditional.”

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