Victorious three-legged goats are apparently going to be a Sly Fox Bock Fest tradition.

The big story of yesterday’s goings-on in Phoenixville, as you’ve likely heard by now, was that a three-legged goat won the race to name the Maibock for the third straight year but that it wasn’t the three-legged goat most people arrived hoping to see take the honors. Two-time champion Peggy lost in the semis and her stable mate and good buddy Simon won the finals. I’ve posted a bit more information and a link to local news coverage over here and I assume we will be seeing a rematch in 2014.

The crowd was huge, clearly the largest one yet, but things went incredibly smoothly. After 15 years, the entire staff and all the volunteers know what they’re doing. As I noted in that Beer Yard story, the big video screen was a great addition.



Here’s Team Simon celebrating the victory.


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