PBW: Keg & Kitchen Beer Challenge

This looked like it could be fun, so I asked Keg & Kitchen owner Kevin Meeker to tell me more:

How this competition works is we have teams, 2 people on each team, they taste a beer that they have no idea what it is. They will then be asked a series of 4 multiple choice questions about each beer. These questions have a right answer it is not about picking out flavors. The last question maybe to choose exactly what beer it is out of 4. An example would be after they tasted a beer this is a PBR, a Guinness stout, a Jacks cider, a goose Island IPA ? Each correct answer is worth so many points and the team with the highest point score is declared champion.

“We have a nice trophy for the first, second and third place finishers. There is a Beer Week Trophy that each years winning teams name will be added. Prizes are also to be awarded. The tasting is going to be 2 ounces per beer. Team members can discuss the beer and decide on the answer together.”

I’ll be posting other PBW events that will occur at less well known venues and might escape your attention over the next few weeks. Fell free to offer suggestions (suggestions offered with as many details as possible, including time, address and phone #, plus art, if any, even if just the venue’s logo, have the best shot at being used).

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