Weyerbacher and Tröegs, sittin’ in a tree…

The annual “Brewvitational” results are in this morning’s Inquirer, a nice read to get you prepared for Philly Beer Week which begins on the morrow. Weyerbacher and Tröegs, both of which seem to have been on a roll for months now, kept up the pace, the former’s Riserva took top honors as best new beer and the latter’s Sunshine Pils won in the other medal category, Pilsners.

The results and commentary and video of the judging are spread all over the place, so rather than linking you directly to the newspapers site, I’m sending you to The Brew Lounge where Bryan Kolesar has it all broken down into eight separate links, each one clearly identified. That boy’s anal retentiveness is a real local beer geek’s treasure, it is.

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