What a long strange trip it used to be, but no longer.

In the world of beer writing, each of us (I assume) gets hit with a pang of envy now and then. A compatriot, or several of them, gets a gig or trip or special event deal that you don’t, it’s hard not to. For the most part, thankfully, I’ve never been afflicted with such feelings for more than a fleeting moment; I’ve had more than my share of good times and experiences in going-on 19 years* of writing about beer and the people who make and sell it, and most of the things I might have participated in and did not were cast aside on my own decisions. The most recent is a week-long jaunt in Belgium coming up this November which sounds fantastic but which I was forced to withdraw from. That one still stings a bit.

All of which is by way of a prelude to saying that I am really, really, really envious of Don Russell and his recent sojourn in Lithuania. If you haven’t read about it yet, go do so.

*My long writing career (it’s still a career even if it’s not profitable, right?) had been one of constant change prior to 1995. I had never written in any particular field much longer than seven years, moving on either because the situation had changed or a new opportunity presented itself. That I am still here doing this astonishes me when I sit back and think about it–usually with a beer in hand, which might be a clue to how and why it’s happened.

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