Tomorrow’s tap setup today.

I have, at no thought of time or expense, employed a crack espionage team to break into the secret headquarters at Sly Fox Phoenixville to learn what will pouring where as an aid to all you goat race people. This was done at great risk…

…or maybe Tim Ohst just sent it to me out of the blue.

Either way, no thought of time or expense.

There will be three stations pouring beer. Inside at the bar the following will be on tap: Helles Lager, Pikeland Pils, Royal Weisse, Slacker Bock, Instigator Doppelbock, Helles Bock, Eis Slacker Bock, Eis Instigator Doppelbock, Dunkel Lager, Charles Bridge Pils, Rauch Bier & (when tapped) To-Be-Named Maibock.

At the small beer stand set up around the far corner of the terrace: Helles Lager, Pikeland Pils, Royal Weisse and one keg of Vienna Lager, to be replace by the Maibock post-race.

The beer stand right in front of the pub: Helles Lager, Pikeland Pils, Royal Weisse, Slacker Bock & Maibock (when tapped). There will be two taps each for the Helles, Weisse, and Maibock as those are the beers expected to be the best sellers.

The weather report is better this morning than it was last night and I would expect no worse conditions that we are seeing today. Indeed, if the weather exactly 24 hours from now (2:40pm as I type) is just like this (cloudy, no rain, birds singing, cool but not cold), we will be truly blessed.

By the Saint of Goats, presumably.

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