And in our darkest hour, there comes a savior…

wolfdirtbottleIt’s been a lousy, lousy two weeks. Nothing serious, but a situation which is  often even worse: every single little damned thing that should have been simple became complicated and time-consuming and infuriating.

But when things are darkest…

…a sample of Victory Brewing’s new Double IPA arrives on the doorstep.

DirtWolf, you are my new best friend.

A wonderful beer indeed, and the blend of whole flower Citra, Chinook, Simcoe and Mosaic hops (an all-star lineup to be sure) makes this 8.7% brand new beer out of Downingtown delightful to both nose and palate.

Let’s face it, I might be over-reacting due to my mood. Indeed, I actually stood in the middle of the kitchen and let out what I presume was a primal scream last Saturday evening. But if this is only half the beer I think it is at present, it is still a damned fine one.

Really good, Get some.

Oh, yeah, 8.7%. So take it home or bring a driver. You’ll want more than one.

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