Manayunk Brewing to expand after 17 years.

Some major news about Manayunk Brewing Co., which celebrates its 17th Anniversary this month, received via Becky Dublin of Punch Media Public Relations:

Manayunk Brewing Co. has released their fall menu, and with this new menu comes an announcement that they will be closing their brewery doors soon for a large scale expansion.

They just recently added canned beer to their repertoire and are currently brewing around the clock to stock up for the time that their brewery is under construction for the expansion.

Their next seasonal beer that will be canned will be Festivus, and that will be their last batch of canning before a large brewery expansion. Currently they are brewing approx. 1,800 barrels annually; after the expansion this winter, the brewery anticipates brewing 4,000 barrels by the year 2015.

I remember walking through the space with founder Harry Renner III in 1996,  a few months before they opened, trying to envision what it would all look like.  I never quite getting my mind around it until I saw the finished building but I knew that local along the riverside was a definite winner.  Manayunk is the oldest surviving brewpub in the city and the third oldest in the immediate region behind Sly Fox Brewhouse & Eatery (1995) and the Victory Brewing pub (1996), unless I’m forgetting somebody. Of course, as somewhat itinerant brew Colin Presby reminds me, Stoudts Brewing in Adamstown (1987) outdates them all.  [This last sentence is an update to the original post.]

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