Any day you learn something new is a good day. This is a good day.

One of those discussions that pop up wherever beer geeks gather–how good is Blue Moon anyway?–started off a long thread on Facebook last night. Early on someone said something I had always believe, that Blue Moon was created at the Coors Sandlot Brewpub in Denver. This morning, Jaime Jurado, the founding brewer at Susquehanna and now the Director of Brewing Operations at Abita in New Orleans, challenged that:

Blue Moon was borne long before there was a small SandLot brewery…at Matt Brewing Company in Utica, NY, where Coors contracted its production in its initial years. For reasons I’ll never understand, they have re-invented their history to never acknowledge that, but at the time, Coors made a big deal in PR about saying that as a family brewery, Matt’s was the perfect fit for the niche brand.

Some confusion ensued.  Jaime is one of those Guys Who Know Stuff, so I decided to do this and was able to back him up by posting this:

From a posting at, May 24, 1996: “saw some questions about the makers of Blue Moon beers last week. At a beer tasting last night I asked the FX Matts rep about it. I was told that Coors does own the brand, but contracted FX Matts to brew it. The agreement also calls for Coors to distribute FX Matts Saranac brand. It also makes it not look like a Coors beer.”

And then this after a further search:

Matt wasn’t the only brewer. There is this from the 2/28/96 PR Newswire— “To meet consumer and retailer demand for BLUE MOON products, the company has identified the need for additional brewing sites. Along with F.X. Matt Brewing of Utica, N.Y., Blue Moon Brewing Company has contracted with Hudepohl Schoenling Brewing Company of Cincinnati to brew all BLUE MOON products. “

Live and learn, isn’t that what they say?

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