More about Blue Moon.

Loyal reader Bill asked a question this morning in the fascination exchange going on in the comments section for yesterday’s post :

So if there was a SandLot brewery at Coors Field in 1995 as Matt Osborne’s quote above said, doesn’t that support Coors’ original story and suggest Jaime Jurado was mistaken? Or actually, not mistaken as it seems he’s not claiming Coor’s didn’t create Blue Moon — he’s just upset they’ve played down that it was contract brewed. Having the beer contract brewed has nothing to do with recipe creation.

In a private message on Facebook, I asked Jaime Jurado to respond and he graciously took the time to do so:

My recollection is that Blue Moon started life out of Matt’s and that SandLot was being constructed at the time, but physically did not exist. There was indeed a Bellyslide White brew at SL, and it was borne after Matt started brewing BM. That’s what I recall. I believe Coors changed history and conveniently said BM was Bellyslide White and I think it is an easy fabrication. It is possible said ex-brewmaster is wrong, or my recollection may be wrong. You can always ask Nick Matt, but of course it was gentle FX Matt who brewed it then. What is 100% true is that the original Blue Moon that was sold to 99.9999% of consumers came from Matt’s and later from the brewery that now is the Sam Adams Cincy brewery. Nothing made from SandLot was bottled. Hope this helps.

I tend to accept his memory at this point, based on the “bottled” evidence alone.

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