The state of the union is….driving me to drink.

Gotta hear the President offer up not-nearly-what-we-need solutions tonight in front of a Congress of which a major segment is, to put it kindly, dysfunctional (the non-kindly word would be “insane’) and a political media that is, to put it kindly again, because I keep on trying, pathetic and embarrassing (the non-kindly description is not appropriate for polite company) so I need the solace of an old reliable friend….

Ah, but that one’s a love song, and love ain’t what I got. Maybe this works…

But, then again, there is another approach that used to do the job and which has come around again…

Nah. Those days are gone and I only wish I could remember them.

Or maybe not.

Truth is, as I have always suspected, there is no salvation. I think I’ll just have another beer. Or two. Maybe three. We’ll see.

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