Brewers Assocation Updates Itself.

The Brewers Association has changed the way it describes its mission and purpose and revamped its definition of a “craft brewer.” I’ve posted the news release here and it includes a link to a detailed breakdown of the revisions.

Here’s the big takeaway from an email sent to BA members shortly after the news release came out (bold emphasis added by me):

The revised definition recognizes that adjunct brewing is traditional. The idea that brewers who had been in business for generations didn’t qualify as “traditional” simply did not cohere for many members. Brewers have long brewed with what has been available to them. (Since Brewers Association doesn’t define craft beer—that idea remains up to the beer drinker—the definition doesn’t differentiate on what type of beer craft brewers brew, as long as the majority of what they make is beer.) The revised definition also provides room for the innovative capabilities of craft brewers to develop new beer styles and be creative within existing beer styles.

The revised definition removes the subjective assessment by Brewers Association staff of whether adjuncts “enhance” or “lighten” flavor in a particular beer.

Love to hear your thoughts about all this if you have any to share.

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