Tired Hands doubles down in Ardmore.

I’ve posted a Main Line Times story via Instagram at the Beer Yard page about Tired Hands planning to expand its presence in Ardmore. I’m happy to see this finally make public, and not just for Jean Broillet and his team, who deserve all the success they’re enjoying.

Thing is, I’ve known about this for a while now but agreed not to release it until Jean was ready (i.e., the new lease was signed).  But I did take a chance and included the broader news (no details) in both my Celebrator Beer News and Mid-Atlantic Brewing News columns which I wrote late last month. I figured since neither brewspaper will be out until the very end of the month at the earliest, I was safe. Still I remained nervous that something would go awry.

Here’s part of what Jean told me when we talked last month:

“We’re confronting the issue of sustainability, not in the environmental sense, but in terms of what we can manage to do…In order to keep eight beers on tap and with our fermentation space, even with 9 fermenters, we can’t keep up with the business we are experiencing…. After a lot of thought, (my wife) Julie and I began searching for a larger property in the area where we could produce beer offsite and bring it in and also increase our draft presence in the Philadelphia market… I want to have more of a voice in this local beer culture which has shaped us and made me.”

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