For some things, you just gotta Bear down.

Reality often sucks because it is, you know, real. Plus also, reality has a well known liberal bias, which totally pisses off our conservative brethren and, man, can they be noisy and annoying when they get noisy and annoying. For real.

In the “sucks” category is the sad fact that, wonderful as the Philadelphia regional beer scene is, one of its saddest aspects is that the fine human being Ric Hoffman and his guys (if he has guys) at Stewart’s Brewing down in Bear (Where?), Delaware have neither the equipment nor the space to package and distribute some of the finest beers being made in the area up here to the civilized world. It just ain’t right.

Thus it is that this just arrived e-missive from Stewart’s is at once exciting and painful:

Due to the immense popularity of our single-hop IPA’s and building on the momentum of our GABF 2012 Silver Medal for Oyster Stout, we are proud to announce the second in a series of single-mollusk beers: Mussel Maibock!  Celebrate spring with the traditional German lager, augmented by crisp, briny freshness of shellfish from Canada’s Maritime Provinces!  Also in the works are Razor Clam Red, Limpet Lager and Smoked Slug Porter (we didn’t want to leave out the land-dwelling molluscs).

We haven’t forgotten about the cephalopods, either: look for some Cuttlefish Kolsch and Giant Squid Barleywine toward autumn!

Mussel Maibock? Damn.

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