Enjoying good drinkin’ while drinkin’ good.


I had three very good, very new beers of late and I have the empties to prove it as you can see above.

I bought the Ommegang Game of Thrones Fire And Blood, a 6.8% Red Ale, on Saturday and saved it, of course, for the debut of Season Four (I think, not inspired to go look to be sure) of the HBO hit. Very nice indeed, with a great attractive pour, spicy goodness throughout and evidence (without being obtrusive) of the rye and chilies promised on the label. I really need to devote a post to Ommegang one day real soon.

Allagash Saison was my choice for April when selecting my monthly case (sans a 4-pack “tax” exacted by management when he arrived at just the wrong time) from The Beer Yard. Not a difficult decision, admittedly. It’s Allagash, and it’s a Saison. Is there something I missed? 6.1%, perfectly balanced, big and full-bodied with a great finish. This one (by which I mean one of those surviving 4-packs) took me through the great NCAA Basketball Championship game Monday night.

No TV for you, Victory 1337 Ale. Your assignment, whether you chose to accept it or not, was to accompany me through the opening chapters of the new Loren D. Estleman novel, Don’t Look For Me, with the NCAA Women’s title game on the tube (because I am and therefore I multitask), something that is still happening although the game is going to outlast the beer. I really like this one, which is based on an old homebrew recipe by Covaleski and Barchet when they were young(er) and (way more) innocent, It is, the label tells me,

“a salute to the legislation that legalized homebrewing. Signed into law in 1979, H.R. 1337 made home-brewed beer for personal or family use exempt from taxation and ignited a movement that led to the birth of a now thriving craft beer industry.”

That’s a heavy load to carry, but 1337 is up to the task, a malty, spicy, earthy beauty. All the cool kids at the review sites have termed ii an IPA (okay, management at both sites so designated it) but I’m not entirely comfortable with that. Great hops presence, but not so prominent as the style would demand, IMO.

Don’t know what to call it aside from “better than an IPA.”

Whoops. Am I allowed to say that out loud?

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