More beers, because there are always more beers, plus an idea whose time has come, maybe.

beers10apr14These beers appeared at my front door yesterday and it seemed best to drink them as soon as possible, mostly because I felt like having a beer or two. The heart has its reasons, you know?

You may recall from this post  that the Kona folks don’t just send beer, they send a package. This one involved a sliced open volleyball  for cushioning with the suggestion that it could re-purposed as a mini-cooler. Um…no. Kona is part of Craft Brew Alliance with Widmer Bros. and Redhook and Anheuser-Busch owns about one-third of CBA s it is therefore officially evil and also has the money to send clever packing, which is nice. Castaway IPA is apparently a big seller in the Islands, because IPA (about which more, albeit tangentially, momentarily) and is making its Mainland debut this month.  It’s a pleasant 6%, clean and balanced. Those are good things.

Stone Saison (also 6%) employs lemon zest and lemon thyme from its own 19-acre organic farm, along with grains of paradise, to complement the banana and clove characteristics of its Belgian yeast strain for an interesting twist on the style. Tasty it is.  This is a new summer seasonal and we should see it on local shelves shortly.

So, anyway, I put the following up at the Book of Face an hour or so ago  just because I  could:

The craft beer world does love itself some “weeks” and “days” to celebrate whatever hobby horse is the current obsession. Seems there’s a “day” every week and “week” every month. So I hereby propose one of my own….

No IPA Day.

Nobody is allowed to drink, mention or otherwise promote/proclaim or bring to public attention IPAs in any fashion whatsoever. Order and drink whatever else you choose to celebrate the day (this may require passing by several bars and brewpubs entirely).

Who’s with me?

I’m only kidding, I think, but maybe not. I figured I’d give you folks a chance to help me decide.

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