An overdue Sly Fox update.

Went out a while ago to do some necessary errands (get salad fixin’s for dinner, pick up Buddy’s walking leash which I forgot at my daughter’s house Friday night, get some paperwork at the Beer Yard to see if it’s the bank or me who’s crazy–seems to be a tie) and then swung by the Pottstown Tastin’ Room to grab a growler of the just out 2014 Hefeweizen Doppelbock. Haven’t opened it yet but it’s anywhere near as fine as the glass of Helles Bock I had while waiting for the fill, I will be a happy man. Seriously, the Helles Bock is killer this year.

Which reminds me I have been way too remiss in getting a personal update out there. Many of you are aware that I was doing PR and website consulting and content for Sly Fox over the past several years. That relationship ended as of this year. It was the right business decision for both sides, perfectly amicable and all that.  I was treated very well by the Giannopoulos family throughout and at the very end and have no problem with how it all concluded. However, I need to add that there are a few peripheral issues which created a sour note. That’s not a topic to be bandied about here but catch me at a bar sometime and ply me with a beer or two and, who knows?


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