Doctor, there’s a wrinkle in my eye and other fun stuff.

So I pasted this thing over on the Book of Face yesterday…

Here’s a new wrinkle for ya…it’s in the retina of my right eye. Not serious at this point (just annoying as hell which is why went to the doctor in the first place), so we’re gonna monitor it. My doctors never seem to be quite able to rectify whatever is wrong with me at any given time, but they can monitor like nobody’s business.

I later added some necessary clarifications in the comment section:

Actually, this post is a bit unfair to my doctor in retrospect. She’s very good (did my cataract surgery a while back) and since my vision is still 20/20, I would have quickly rejected any suggestion of surgery or other drastic treatment. A quick search on the internets reveals that this is the correct way to deal with this issue so long as my vision is not compromised.

But enough about me. Here’s an  odd situation reported by  fellow beer blogger at his site and then linked at Facebook that will surely intrigue some of you:

Samuel Adams has a great PR company – the send samples, they regularly invite me to events, and they’ve always been super responsive when I’ve sent a request their way.  But I realized I hadn’t heard a peep out of them since January, when I wrote about a conflict between Lagunitas and Samuel Adams.  Strange.

A brief background for those of you who missed that story.  Lagunitas founder Tony Magee claimed that Samuel Adams was using shady “big beer” tactics to launch their new West Coast style IPA, called Rebel IPA.  Magee said Boston Beer was specifically targeting the bar and restaurant taps held by Lagunitas IPA and other West Coast IPAs for takeover, something that craft brewers don’t do (distributors try it all the time, but the brewers stay above the fray, according to Magee).

I sent a list of questions to both Lagunitas and the PR company that reps Samuel Adams, and posted those answers here on the site without editing a word of them.  I mentioned in the post that Magee answered my questions and that Jim Koch supplied a statement through his PR company.

[ … ]

I reached out to the PR company to confirm what I already suspected – I’ve been cut off.  But the reason given was surprising.

I was told that my crime was mentioning Samuel Adams had a PR firm in the Lagunitas piece.  What?

I don’t know what to make of it all, honestly. I can’t image a PR firm cutting off  an industry contact on its own without at least running it by the client. And I’m a bit gabberflasted that a) being mentioned was the reason and b) they apparently admitted that was the case. Very strange. It’s an interesting read, including the comments. As always, I’d be delighted to have your comments here so we too can be interesting.

What else? I’d assume you folks would like to know how that 1996 bottle of Thomas Hardy’s Ale turned out. It was flat out wonderful, rich and malty with lots of toffee and vanilla flavors and periodic touches of alcohol, nary a hint of oxidation. It was suggested that I should drink it soon in the discussion on Facebook and so I did, but I really think it would have held up for at least a few more years.

Finally, I have fallen, if not in love, certainly in deep infatuation with Yard’s Rye and I’m going to go open a bottle now.

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